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  • The English Department stresses the following three areas:
  • Students' abilities to think critically, analytically, and independently, and to articulate those thoughts in both their English speaking and writing;
  • The holistic development of the students, not only in their intellectual capabilities but also in their personality development and values formation;
  • Presenting the English language as an international and local phenomenon, in conjunction with the developing international English language and its literature.

  1. The English Department provides solid English language training and basic grounding in literatures, linguistics, and western and world cultures. Chinese literature, culture, and language are also emphasized. There is also an M.A. program in English Literature. 
  2. All Department courses are taught in English, providing everyday, direct practice in thinking and communicating in English. 
  3. Students have a choice of major emphasis: Literature & Culture, Language Studies, or Literature & Language. 
  4. The faculty of foreign and Chinese professors is highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated. 
  5. The College of Foreign Languages also includes Departments of Japanese, Spanish, French, and German as well as an Italian department and independent M.A. programs in Linguistics and in Translation & Interpretation. There is also a Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature. 


In 1963 the English Department, under the chairmanship of Fr. Peter Venne, SVD, participated in the reestablishment in Taiwan of the former Fu Jen University of Beijing. Fr. Venne was chair from 1963 - 1974, followed by Fr. Pierre Demers 1974 - 1982, Sr. Heliena Krenn 1982 - 1988, Professor Joyce Liu 1988 - 1993, Professor Thomas Nash 1993 -1999, Professor Cecilia Liu 1999-2002, Professor Raphael Schulte 2002-2004, and Prof. Yuan Yun-Pi. From 1967 - 1981 the Department granted B.A. degrees to an average of 50 students a year; since 1982 the number of graduates has increased to an average of 70 a year.  (See Photos.)
Graduates of the English Department have been successful in many fields, including business, language teaching, translation, literature, linguistics, editing, publishing, news reporting, creative writing, banking and computer science. 


  1. Hardware 

    Computer Center 
    Well-equipped, including 70 IBM PCs, 7 word processors, several computers used for Japanese language, printers, scanners and other related equipment. 
    *Internet ready
    Multi-media Center 
    2 labs, 4 AV rooms, 3 rooms for discussion, 35 small rooms for video watching, 16 small audio rooms, pictorial material room (containing various kinds of teaching materials, reference books about western culture, literature, and arts.) 
    3 libraries on campus, Library of Liberal Arts, Library of Natural Sciences and Foreign Languages, Library of Social Sciences. 
  3. Software

    Periodical List 
    Multimedia Resources