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Im4age Sources: (from top to bottom)
1. My Gems, 1988, W. M. Harnett
2. The Artist's Son, Jean, drawing, 1901, A. Renoir
3. Madonna and child with Saints, c. 1518, R. Fiorentino
4. Senecio, 1922 P. Klee

  1. Introduces the main components of literary text (theme and technique, genre and historical context) so that it can be understood, appreciated and analyzed by Taiwanese students.
  2. Stimulates discussions of the relationships between English texts and Taiwanese/contemporary culture so that students can better understand the texts, their society as well as themselves.
  3. Builds up a collection of texts for local courses such as Introduction to English Literature and Guided Reading.
  4. Creates an online research area that specializes in materials relating to the study of ekphrastic poetry( 讀畫詩)
  5. Offers materials and relevant links in the areas of English Literature for further studies and research.

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