The Importance of 
Being Earnest
Performance Photographs
courtesy of Eric Kao, l
1939 production
1947 production
1995 production 

1939 production
  Lady Bracknell (Edith Evans), flanked by Algernon (Ronald Ward) and Lane, in the 1939 revival of Earnest at the Globe Theatre. 

-- from the program of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company production of The Importance of Being Earnestat Old Vic, since 29 June 1995

John Worthing (John Gielgud) and Gwendolen (Joyce Carey) in the same production.  

 1947 production
Front: Lady Braknell 
Back (Left to Right): Algernon, Cecily, Gwendolen, John Worthing
A scene from the 1947 Theatre Guild production, directed by John Gielgud. 
from Types of Drama p. 306

1995 production
Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company production at Old Vic
 photographs taken by Eric Kao

Act I

Act II