Mina Loy's Artwork

& Chronological List of Mina Loy's Exhibitions

Loy sketched this pencil-portrait, entitled "Teri," in 1954. Teri was the wife of Hans Fraenkel, and Hans had been married from 1944-1949 to Loy's youngest daughter Fabienne. The original backing for the portrait contains the inscription: "TERI BY MINA LOY / JULY 1954 / ASPEN, COLORADO /To Alicia / With all my love / Aunt Teri." James Jaffe provided the scanned image of the portrait. The drawing is currently owned by Raphael Schulte.



The portraits of the artists and poets by Mina Loy


Some drawings by Mina Loy
Other forms of artwork by Mina Loy


Chronological List of Mina Loy's Exhibitions:

This list, possibly incomplete, is compiled from Carolyn Burkes' biography of Loy, Roger Conover's detailed introduction to The Last Lunar Baedeker and Mareesa Januzzi's annotated bibliography in Mina Loy: Woman and Poet, edited by Maeera Shreiber and Keith Tuma.

1904 Salon d' Automne: 6 watercolors
1905 Salon des Beaux-Arts: 2 watercolors
1905 Salon d' Automne: 4 drawings / all portraits of women [exhibit also included Matisse, Derain, Rouault, Vlaminck]
1906 Salon des Beaux-Arts
1906 Salon d' Automne: watercolors, including Love among the Ladies and La Maison en papier [Loy received the honor of being asked to become a permanent member of the Salon]
1910 New English Art Club: 1 portrait called Jemima
1912 Carfax Gallery, London: exhibit of "drawings" that included Love among the Ladies [Loy's first one woman show, on the way to London from her home in Florence she stopped in Paris to help select the 1912 Salon d' Automne]
1913 Salon d' Automne: one oil painting and three drawings
1914 Friday Club (which had connections to the Bloomsbury group): two portraits (Woman's Head and Maria con Bruno)
1914 Esposizone Libera Futurista Internazionale (First Free Exhibition of International Futurist Art) in Rome. Loy represents England: three portraits of Marinetti and a "dynamism of the subconscious"
1914 An exhibit at the New York Architectual League: two designs for wall decorations and Love among the Ladies
1916 Annual Florence exhibit, including Woman with Child
1917 Society of Independent Artists at Grand Central Palace in New York City: one work
1921 Belmaison Gallery: "several" of Loy's drawings, including a portrait with two gypsies and a young girl, as well "a series of heads inspired by Joella" (B303)
1923 Salon d'Automne: one painting [Lunar Baedecker published]
1925 Exhibit of six "Jaded Blossoms" and paintings, including portraits of Freud, Marinetti, Papini, and Stein at Little Gallery
1925 Macy's Gallery, Namm Gallery, Cargoes Gallery, Little Gallery: exhibit of paper cutouts and flower arrangements known as "Jaded Blossoms"]
1925(?) Loy opens Galleries Mina Loy in Paris, selling her lamps
1932-36 Loy is Paris representative for Julian Levy Gallery
1933 "Exhibition of Literature and Poetry in Painting since 1850" Wadsworth Athenaeum, included Loy's "Faces"
1933 "Paintings of Mina Loy" at Julien Levy Gallery
[Lunar Baedeker and Timetables published in 1958]
1959 "Constructions" at Bodley Gallery
1959 Loy received Copley Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art