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    I. Major gateways (collections of links):
      The Literary Encyclopedia -- provide profiles of the lives and works of literary authors whose works are valued in the
         English language, and to do so within an electronic publication which will enable readers to explore literary history as never before.

      Voice of the Shuttle -- comprehensive, but a bit messy

    Online Literary Criticism

    --on individual authors of different areas and different periods;
    --3905  critical and biographical websites  about authors and their works.

      LitLinks  --collection of links on fiction, drama, poetry, critical theory and essays.

      Bibliomania  --  online literature library with hundreds of searchable full text classics: a superb educational resource; needs registration

      EServer: Accessible Writings--for teachers and researchers

    A huge collection of e-texts on several subjects, literary (fiction, poetry, drama) and non-literary (race, multimedia, recipes).
      Literary Resources on the Net----for teachers and researchers
    a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding most single electronic texts, and is limited to collections of information useful to academics

    American Authors--

     A comprehensive list of sites  ( in chronological order)  relevant to U.S. literature from 1550 onward. ¡]¦­½_¥Ğ¤j¾Ç Nagoya University¡^

    English Literature on the Web --

    British Authors

    The other webpages at Nagoya:
    19th-century English Studies -- The Gaskell Web, Gissing in Cyberplace, Bronte Sisters, 19th C. British Authors, Victorian Web Sites, The Dickens Page
    Places & Cities:Nagoya Web, Japan, my Japan! ,United Kingdom Web ,Mr. Weller's London ,Manchester Web, Knutsford Walk

    The American Studies Web
    for researchers, a comprehensive and fully searchable guide to online American Studies resources(created by David Phillips and now maintained by Crossroads).

    Art and Culture -- modern and contemporary art forms, cultures, and lit theory.  General introd. calendar and even an e-zine

    Literary term: 1. Rhetorical Terms with Examples; 2. Literary Terms; 3. Dictionary of Literary Terms; 4. Literary Terms and Definitions (and many other resources)
    II. British & American Literature
  • the Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures
    • -- for both teachers and students; including Essays on Teaching the American Literatures(From the Heath Anthology Newsletter), Collaborative Bibliographies in American Literature and Culture Studies (from the T-AMLIT Notebooks), Issues in Teaching the American Literatures (from the T-AMLIT JOURNAL), Archive of Teaching Materials : Course Syllabi, Assignments, Pedagogical Strategies, The Heath Anthology Newsletter On-Line,  Guide to Web Resources in American Literature (under construction) which offers  Integrative Platforms  and  Integrative E-Texts (electronic texts enhanced with hypertext links).
  • Modern American Poetry: A Multimedia Companion to  Anthology of Modern American Poetry

  • Literary Periods, Survey Courses:
  • Labyrinth--THE medieval research link

  • Arthurian literature

  • Luminarium--a good place to go for information on Brit lit medieval period, Renaissance & 17th century.

  • The Victorian Web --covering areas in Victorian studies such as literature, visual arts, social context, politics, religion and philosophy.
  • Eighteenth-Century Resources--made by Jack Lynch from UPenn.

  • Twentieth-century Poetry in English
    • Electronic Texts:
  • UTEL (University of Toronto English Library) online resources: Major Works of Literature; Authors Index
  • Electronic Archives Home Page

  • Bartleby Archive
  • SunSite:  see its amazing Digital Collections
  • E-texts links collection; Victorian Literary Studies
    • Literature Courses--for teachers:
  • Syllabus Library for Teaching the American Literatures