The title of this poem"Ozymandias”was the name of a pharaoh in Egypt in 13th B.C At that time he had strong power and made a sculptor built his own statue. Although the statue could show Ozmandias's power, yet how it could be presented without the sculptor and his passion? So we can say because of the king, the artist used his hands to build the statue. Of course he can made out his mighty, but he can also mock him."Mock here means that Ozymandias made the artist built his sculpture, maybe he wanted to show his mighty or something. However, he didn't build it himself but let a man to do this for him.
Now we will talk about the relationships between Human, Art and Nature among this poem. One point of view is that human created art; in other words, art wouldn't appear without human's hands. Human is powerful than art. In this poem, the statue was presented by the sculptor, so without this man, we might no longer know a king named Ozymandias once had powerful status in Egypt in ancient times. However, human is mortal but art isn't. Years passed, those ancient men couldn't escape mortality and all died but the statue was left although it was wreck.. In this way, we'll say art becomes more powerful than human if we put the statement of "time"into it. The other point of view is the relationship between Art and Nature. In this poem, the statue eventually destroyed by the desert (Nature). However, is it mean art lower than nature? To respond this question, we'll use a kind of "origin"to explain this. Among this poem, the statue (Art) was made of rocks and sand; that is, it was from the desert (Nature). Because of the art, the nature became different. And who did this? It's human. Without human, a rock would always be a rock in the vast desert, and it couldn't turn into a sculpture itself. So, human pick a part of nature to create art, and the art becomes a special part within the nature. However, nature could destroy the art to let it "back"to her. To sum up, Human, Art, and Nature form a triangle. They exist together in a kind of balance and can't be without one of it.