Similarities in the two couples

    The two couples in this novel have many things in common. Such as:

(1) Both of the two proposals are based on strong                 affection.

Cerita and Anita

    As we know Darcy stopped the marriage between his best friend Bingley and Jane, because he thought Jane was not that much in love with Bingley, but only eager for the fortune he have. But in fact it was not true, it was just Jane was too shy to show her affection. When Bingley moved to other place and never planed to come back, Jane was so sad and waiting for him. Her affection wasn¡¦t decrease by the distance. As a result, when the misunderstanding was solved, they get together again easily, and Bingley asked for the proposal in a very short time.  On the other hand, in the case of Darcy and Elizabeth, even the often have serious quarrel, but the more they argue, the more they find it out that they are so suitable for each other. Even at the end Darcy knew the scandal of Lydia, he didn¡¦t change his love toward Elizabeth, but still loving her. ( Although Lizzy thinks that he will never love her any more, because of the bad event.) As a result, we can realize the two couples¡¦ proposal are based on strong affection, can¡¦t be changed by time, distance, or anything. They belong to each other, and will never changed.

(2) Both of the two couples have social differences, the        girls have lower status than their husbands.

    As we all know that Bingley and Darcy are very charming. They not only have good looking, well-dressed, good-mannered, and also with a big fortune! On the other hand, the two girls in Bennet¡¦s family are in a lower class, they even don¡¦t have any relative who is worth to be mentioned. But the two men in these proposals don¡¦t care too much about it, but still want to marry the ladies. There may have some better girls can be more suitable for them, with better background, status and wealthy. Such as if Darcy cares more about money, he should marry Ms. Bingley in stead of Elizabeth. (As we know how much Ms. Bingley liked Mr. Darcy in the novel!!) And if Bingley cares about the match of background, he could marry with Ms. Darcy or other noble girls. But not being like that, they all married with their true love and what they really want. Aithough in the beginning Darcy has cared the match of him and Elizabeth, but finally he find it out he can¡¦t stop his love to Elizabeth, and decided to express his strong love to her regardless of the matchless background.

(3) Both of the two marriages are based on the real              understanding of each other.

    At the beginning, Mr. Darcy had bad impression on Elizabeth that he didn¡¦t even want to dance with her. Elizabeth also had her own prejudice maybe because his impolite comments on herself. She thought Darcy was such an arrogant person that it¡¦s difficult to get along with him. After she met Mr. Wickham and knew something about Darcy, she even regarded Mr. Darcy as the worst man in the world. However, things had gradually changed. When Elizabeth and Darcy had more chance to get along with each other, she started to know what kind of person he really was, and she changed her prejudice little by little. Mr. Darcy also changed himself for Elizabeth. Because of the balls, Mr. Darcy started to get contact with people in lower class and this had influenced him a lot. He started to know how to deal with people who were different from those in his class, and also Elizabeth found that he was such a tolerable gentleman. From the letters, they solved their misunderstandings. It was then that Elizabeth thought herself was such a lucky girl to be loved by a gentleman like Darcy. And that¡¦s why they decided to get married.
    The first time when Mr. Bingley saw Jane, they fell in love with each other at the first sight. He showed strong affection toward her, however, Jane just hid her love in mind. So Darcy persuades Bingley to move away. But when Jane and Bingley got together again, they started to understand each other¡¦s feelings more that they decided to get married.

(4) Their characters have great influence on the way they      get along with each other.

    Jane is pleasant, and she always looks people perfect. She is kind-hearted that she always shows her sympathy on everyone. Mr. Bingley is gentle, too. He is a little bit like Jane. So, when they get together, things are always so wonderful around them. They are blessed by everyone from the beginning to the end.
    Elizabeth is clever, and she has her quickness on response. She has sharp eyes that she can always have her own judgement, though sometimes she is right and sometimes wrong. Mr. Darcy is very polite, and he is brought up to be like that. He is kind of shy because he doesn't know how to get along with people who he is not familiar with, so people will think him as a proud and arrogant person. When he gets along with Elizabeth, he likes to see her quickness and watch her bright eyes. He is always tolerable for Elizabeth, and he does a lot of things without letting others know for Elizabeth. Their marriage is full of difficulties because no one thinks they will a suitable couple; they don't even believe that Elizabeth will fall in love with Darcy. However, Elizabeth explains to everyone how wonderful a person Mr. Darcy is and how she feels happy to marry him.