Medieval Festival 2000*


March 28-29, 2000 

English Drama Fair 

Immaculate Heart Chapel  (Ching Hsin  Tang)
Opening Ceremony - 1:00 Outdoor Stage
English Department Student Association
Everyman, Anonymous - 1:15 Outdoor Stage
Advisor: Ms. Hennifer Chiu
Farce of the Worthy Master Pierre Patelin, Sachs - 2:00 Chapel Hall
Advisor: Ms. Tina Kuo
The Wakefield Crucifixion - 2:30 Sanctuary
Director: Dr. Lyn Margaret Scott
The Cornwall Death of Pilate - 3:00 Chapel Hall
Advisor: Ms. Lydia Tzeng
Paphnutius, Hrotsvitha - 3:30 Outdoor Stage
Director: Ms. Doris Chang
Closing Ceremony - 4:00 Outdoor Stage

April 21, 2000 
Medieval Street Theatre*  12:00 Noon Outdoor venues
Medieval Studies Forum*  C F L  Theatre, Science Library 1st Floor 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.



The Wakefield Crucifixion Play Production

Dr. Lyn Margaret Scott
Student director  Christina Jey
Musician Faye Chang
Characters: Players:
Jesus Sean Hsu
Mary the Mother Mandy Shu
Pilate Nancy Lee
John Derrick We
Peter Gary Hsieh
First Torturer Jamie Wei
Second Torturer Gary Hsieh
Third Torturer April Shin
Blind Beggar Faye Chan
Nicodemus Christina Jey
Joseph of Arimathea Grace Hsu
Caiaphas Francesca Jeng
Annas Sophia Hsu
First Knight Selena Chiou
Second Knight Nora Hsu
Third Knight Maggie Ke
Angel Michael Julie Hsu
Angel Gabriel Grace Hsu
Mary Magdalene Nora Hsu
Mary Salome Charity Liu
Satanas Sophia Hsu
First Demon Jamie We
Second Demon Maggie Ke
Third Demon April Shin
Damned Soul Francesca Jeng
First Good Soul Nora Hsu
Second Good Soul Charity Liu

The Wakefield Crucifixion Play Highlights






21st Century 

Medieval Studies Curriculum* 

Medieval British Literature and Culture Prof. Cecilia H. C. Liu Fall, 1999
The Bible as Literature Dr. Raphael Schulte Spring,  2000
Medieval Drama and Theatre Dr. Lyn Margaret Scott Fall, 2000



Medieval Studies Forum

八十九年四月二十一日 (星期五)

April 21, 2000 (Friday) Medieval Studies Forum

8:30 ~ 8:50 Registration  報到
8:50 ~ 9:00 Opening Ceremony  開幕式
9:00 ~ 10:00 Br. Nicholas Koss 康士林教授 (輔仁大學)

"A Fleeting Image of Chinese Luxury in Medieval Europe"

10:00 ~ 10:20 Coffee Break 茶敘
10:20 ~ 11:20 Fr. Matthias Christian 田默迪教授 (輔仁大學)

"The Images of Christ and the Human Person during the Middle Ages"

11:20 ~ 12:10 Dr. Ming-Tsang Yang  楊門蒼教授 (臺灣大學)

"Signs in Translation: Plowing and pilgrimage in Piers Plowman"

12:10 ~ 1:00 Lunch  午餐
1:00 ~ 1:30 Medieval Drama: The Wakefield Crucifixion  (淨心堂)
1:30 ~ 2:20 Sr. Mariam  Ling-Hsia Kao 高凌霞教授 (輔仁大學)

"The Medieval View of Human Beings"

2:20 ~ 3:20 Dr. Carolyn Scott 石苓教授 (Pontifical College Josephinum)

"Medieval English Drama: Performing Salvation History"

3:30 ~ 4:30 Dr. Francis K.H. So  蘇其康教授 (中山大學)

"Chivalry and Courtesy: The Making of a Medieval Knight"

4:30 ~ 4:40 Closing Ceremony 閉幕式


Medieval Studies Forum Contributors

Dr. Jane Chance and Dr. Nicholas Koss 

Dr. Ming-Tsang Yang

Sr. Mariam Ling-Hsia Kao

Dr. Francis K. H. So

Fr. Matthias Christian

(From Left) Ray Schulte, Doris Chang, Cecilia Liu, Carolyn Scott, Lyn Scott, and Nicholas Koss