Discussion Questions

Discussion Question Choices :

1. Explain some ways in which Roman theatre practice continued to disturb the English clerics after The 5th century.

2. Compare and contrast the lives and work of mimi, the scops (gleemen) and the mummers.

3. How was the seasonal calendar of an agrarian population part of their "undifferentiated relationship?"
4. Describe the different ways one might see a performance and what the subject would be during the early part of this period. (exclude liturgical drama)
5. Summarize the objections of the early and later Christian writers including Tertullian, both Augustines and Autun against theatre performances.

6. Discuss the medieval sense of time and illustrate your points with a painting of the period.

7. Discuss some of the Roman theatre devices which were adapted into medieval practice ; include the works of Hrotsvitha.

8. What is the relationship between ecclesiastical or liturgical tropes and cathedral architecture ?

9. Discuss minstrelsy and other aristocratic popular entertainments in the later part of this period ; Include the practice of carnival.

10. Contrast and compare the three diffrent Easter tropes : Limoges, Winchester, Fluery.
11. What would your life be like (what kind of school would you attend, and what subjects would You study) if you were a student in the middle ages ?

12. Explain some of the organizatin of the guilds and how they relate to the cycle plays.