Illustrated Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience (relief etching printed in green ink and finished in watercolor)

"Infant Joy" (1789)
by William Blake

"I have no name,

I am but two days old."

What shall I call thee?

"I happy am,

Joy is my name."

Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy!

Sweet joy, but two days old.

Sweet joy I call thee

Thou dost smile,

I sing the while--

Sweet joy befall thee. ■■


"Infant Sorrow" (1794)
by William Blake


My mother groand! my father wept.

Into the dangerous world I leapt,

Helpless, naked, piping loud;

Like a fiend hid in a cloud.


Struggling in my father's hands,

Striving against my swadling bands,

Bound and weary I thought best

To sulk upon my mother's breast. ■■


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