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 The photo is taken from the 
collection of the Morris Library 
at Southern Illinois University;  
photographed by Harry Crosby,  
Le Moulin, 1929. 
Hart Crane
"In a materialistic society whose few routes to the spiritual have been
almost wholly institutionalized (in churches, in psychotherapy, etc.), 
Hart Crane and Anne Sexton lived and died by the belief that 
art could still link individual people with spiritual truth."
                                               -- by  Prof. Simmons 

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    1. Biographical information  

    2. Biography 103.gif (862 bytes) 

    3. A Crane bibliography 103.gif (862 bytes) 

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    1. Brief online essay addressing how Crane's poetry 

        was influenced by the poetry of Samuel Greenberg 103.gif (862 bytes) 

    2. Hart Crane homepage with a variety of links 103.gif (862 bytes) 

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 This sculpture of Crane is made by William M. McVey in 1985 at Case Western Reserve Univ. 
The photo is taken from The Sculpture Center
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201.gif (924 bytes) E-texts of Poems
paintings by William Sommer 

¡@¡@"Leaning Nude"¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@"Apples" 


The William Sommer Memorial Exhibition: Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works 
by William Sommer held November First through December Tenth
in the Cleveland Museum of Art
(Cleveland: Cleveland Museum of Art, 1950).
    1. Black Tambourine 

    2. The Return 

    3. My Grandmother's Love Letters 

    4. Sunday Morning Apples 
        To William Sommer 
        --This poem is dedicated to 
           William Sommer and is about
           several of Sommer's paintings

    5. Passge 

    6. Recitative 

    7. For The Marriage Of Faustus
        And Helen 

    8. Voyages 


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