Robert Frost 
brief biography 
revelant links 
Photo of Frost and his wife, Elinor from 
An Exhibition in the Tracy W. McGregor Room

brief biography
photo credit: Sarah R. Jackson
1. Brief biography 
2. A second brief biography 
3. A longer biography 
4. Frost and his family 
photo from Catherine Smith
 at Curtis Middle School

e-texts of poems and commentary

1. "Mending Wall" with audio recording   

    --our English Literature Databank for discussion questions about the poem,  
       relevant links, etc.    

    --brief student response to the poem    

2. "The Silken Tent"    

3. "Design"    

    --online essay about "Design"    

4. "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"    

    --Frost's own comments on this poem and "The Road not Taken"    

    --commentary and discussion of the poem    

    --Frost's manuscript for "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"  

5. "'Out, Out--'" with audio recording   

6. "Acquainted with the Night"    

    --brief comparison/contrast paper analyzing this poem and Dylan Thomas' "Do  
       Not Go Gentle into that Good Night"    

7. "Mowing"    

    --Frost reads this poem and others      

8. "Birches" with audio recording     

     --e-text of the poem with a painting and a photograph    
9. "After Apple-Picking" with audio recording       


This manuscript is from Frost: The Poet and his Poetry
by David A. Sohn and Richard H. Tyre (New York: Bantam-Holt, 1969)


relevant links

    1. Site with interviews of Frost 

    2. Site with Frost's poems, essays about Robert Frost, more links, and a photo of Frost as a young man 

    3. A very informative site called "Frost in Cyberspace."  It includes sections such as "Frost on Poems, "
        "Frost on Theory," "Frost's Popularity," and others. 

    4. Frost's ambiguous relationship with The Atlantic 

    5. Site with Frost links 

    6. A site helpful for teachers of Frost's poetry 


online discussion

    1. Site with student discussions of Frost's poems 

    2. Another site with student responses to the poems 

    3. Online essay discussing the development of Frost's poetry, focusing on his first published poem and his
         last published poem 



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