Robert Lowell
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¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@*** The photos are respectively taken from The Academy of American Poetry and The Spotlight on Voices and Visions


  biographical information

    1. Facts about his life  

    2. Brief biography 

    3. Biography of Lowell with links to e-texts of other poems and
        an audio recording of Lowell reading "The Public Garden" 

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  relevant links

    1. This site, Microsoft's Encarta Concise Encyclopedia: Robert Lowell, lets you connect to sites about
        some of Lowell's famous relatives.  Plus the site discusses Lowell's great-great uncle, the poet
        James Russell Lowell.

    2. Lowell's publications

    3. Site that explores the relationship between Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop  

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  e-texts of poems

    1. "Waking in the Blue"

    2. "Man and Wife"

    3. "To Speak of Woe That Is in Marriage"

         --brief essay about the poem by a high school student 
    4. "Skunk Hour"
"Student Copy of The Poem with Photographs"

        --"Skunk Hour" is dedicated to Elizabeth Bishop.  The following site, in a section called "Explorations,"
           raises questions about the connections between Lowell's poetry and the poems of Bishop 

    5. "For the Union Dead"

    6. "Reading Myself"

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  online discussions

    1. From a site called "The Outline of American Literature" this online essay discusses Lowell's life
        and writing within the context of the late 40s and 50s.

    2. An online essay by Peter Davison comparing Lowell and James Dickey called
        "The Difficulties of Being Major: The Poetry of Robert Lowell and James Dickey"

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