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***These are a variety of portraits of O'Hara done by different artists.  Please click on the images to see the enlarged ones and their source.

Biographical information
The photo is from Brad Gooch's City Life: The Life and Times of Frank O'Hara 
(New York: Knopf, 1993)      
     1. A very short biography of O'Hara  

     2. An introduction to O'Hara from  
         Oxford Companion to 20th-Century 
     3. A review of Brad Gooch's biography called  

      City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O'Hara 


Relevant links

     1. A web site presenting four poem/paintings done by O'Hara and the artist Norman Bluhmon 

     2. Allen Ginsberg's poem "My Sad Self" which is dedicated to O'Hara

     3. O'Hara was an avid supporter of abstract expressionist art.  Here's a site with abstract expressionist paintings 


E-texts of poems

     1. At night Chinamen jump

     2. The eager note on my door said "Call me"

     3. Homosexuality

         --An online review of Brad Gooch's biography of O'Hara that focuses on O'Hara as a gay man and poet 

     4. For Grace, After a Party
        --This poem was written for Grace Hartigan, 
           a visual artist and friend of O'Hara. For 
           more information about Hartigan see the 
           following site: which discusses, in part, her
           relationship with O'Hara  
        --You may also want to see the following 

        --Hartigan and O'Hara collaborated on a 
           series of paintings called "Oranges" in which 
           Hartigan included parts of O'Hara's poem 
           "Oranges" in her series of paintings.  The two 
           paintings on the right are from this series. 
           Both are from Grace Hartigan: A Painter's 
           World by Robert Saltonstall Mattison (New 
           York: Hudson Hills P, 1990) 

Oranges #4  
 (The Changing Dialectics of Our World)
¡@Oranges #6   
  (The Light Only Reaches Halfway)
     5. "On Seeing Larry Rivers' Washington Crossing the Delaware  
        at the Museum of Modern Art" 

         --As the title indicates, this poem is based upon a painting by the artist  
            Larry Rivers.  An e-text of the poem, plus a copy of the painting can  
            be found at the following site  

         --Comment by O'Hara on Larry Rivers  

         --A collaboration by Rivers and O'Hara on a set of lithographs  
            called Stones 

Washington Crossing the Delaware (1953) 
by Larry Rivers,  
Oil on canvas, approximately 7 feet x 9 feet.  
The Museum of Modern Art, New York City. 
     6. Joseph Cornell 

         --This box is about the artist Joseph Cornell who created wooden box  
            constructions which O'Hara greatly admired.  

        --Site with biography of the surrealist artist Joseph Cornell and examples of  
           some of his box constructions  


Joseph Cornell 
This photo is from the site
     7. A Step Away from Them

     8. Digression on Number 1, 1948
         --This poem is based on Number 1 (1948) by Jackson Pollack.  Pollack was  
            an abstract expressionist painter known for his action paintings and  
            drip paintings.  Jackson Pollock's life  

         --An introduction to abstract expressionism can be found at the following site  

Number 1 (1948) by Jackson Pollack
     9. "Why I am not a Painter"

         --Online essay about the poem 
    10. The Day Lady Died 

         --This is an elegy for Billie Holliday. 

         --A good site on Billie Holliday  

         --Billie Holiday biography  

         --A "Lady Day" site devoted to Holiday and her jazz music  

photo credit: William P. Gottlieb 
It's from the site
     11. Ave Maria
    12. Lana Turner has collapsed! 

         --"The Lana Turner Page," a site with filmography and links of Lana Turner   

         --A site with biography and filmography of the actress Lana Turner  

         --A Lana Turner site with many links, including links to photo galleries, movie reviews,  
            multimedia sites, and others  

This photo is from 
The Lana Turner Page


Online discussions

     1. This online essay entitled "Rebel Poets of the 1950s" provides a good introduction to O'Hara and his literary,
         artistic, and cultural contexts

     2. A very brief online discussion of the relationship between O'Hara's poetry and the visual arts 

     3. Here's a brief online discussion introducing the influence of William Carlos Williams on Frank O'Hara's poetry. 
         That introduction links to at other related areas at the same site. 


***The painting with the title is Girlfriend Walks! by Brenda Clancy (Mixed Media on Paper) from HyperMart: B. Clancy Fine Art
      and Graphic Design.
      The background is Jackson Pollack's Lavender Mist (Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950 (350 Kb); Oil on canvas, Oil, enamel, and
      aluminum on canvas; 221 x 300 cm (7 ft 3 in x 9 ft 10 in); National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.) from the page "Second Grade's
      Famous Artists" maintained by Salerno, a student in University of California, San Diego.

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