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Wallace Stevens 

brief biography

    1.  Biography and discussion of his early years 

    2.  Bio with bibliography and relevant links 


poems and related information

    1.  E-text of "Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock"

         --A link to questions and online sites about the poet and the poem from our English Literature databank 

    2.  E-text of "The Snow Man"
         --A video clip of the poem  
          (This brief clip is taken from a one-hour program called "Voices and Visions: Wallace Stevens." If you want
            to look at the whole video, there is a copy in the AV center and Ray also owns a copy.)

         --Online essay offering ONE interpretation of the poem 

         --An online site focussing on the poem and offering ANOTHER interpretation 

    3.  E-text of "Anecdote of the Jar"

         --Possibly THE jar

         --the study questions from our English Literature Databank 

    4.  E-text of  "The Emperor of Ice-Cream"

         --A parody called "The Emperor of Frozen Yogurt"
    5.  E-text of  "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"

         --Dennis Lucas' poem "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Crow"

    6.  E-text of "The Idea of Order at Key West," plus a recording of Stevens reading the poem 

         --Brief online comments about the self/selves in the poem 

    7.  E-text of  "Sunday Morning"

    8.  Site with e-texts of many other Stevens' poems 

    9.  Site with Stevens reading from other poems  


relevant links

    1.  A site with many photos of Stevens, as well as people and places in his life 

    2.  Site with a map and links showing the route Stevens walked to get from his home to work 
    3.  Stevens and Eastern philosophy 

    4.  Site with many links 

    5.  A great Stevens site with links to helpful essays, a timeline, book covers, and more 

    6.  The Wallace Stevens Journal 



online discussion

    1.  Online student discussion of Stevens' poetry 



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