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This photo is from William Carlos Williams page of University of Texas 
brief biography

      1. Very brief biography 

      2. A longer biography 

      3. An online essay discussing Williams' life and view of poetry 


e-texts of poems and some Commentary

      1. "Tract"

          --brief summary of the poem 

      2. "Queen-Anne's-Lace"

      3. "The Widow's Lament in Springtime" with photograph

      4. "The Red Wheelbarrow"

          --brief annotations to the poem 

          --animated gif version of the poem 

      5. "The Young Housewife"

      6. "A Sort of a Song"

      7. "Quarrel with a purple hanging..."

      8. "By the road to the contagious hospital" with photograph

      9. "The Yachts"

      10. "The pure products of America" with link to site where you can hear Williams read the poem 

          --online questions about the poem 

          --comment on the poem 

          --discussion of the poem in light of its cultural context 


relevant links

      1. Bibliography of Williams' works 

      2. Link to William Carlos Williams poems, questions, and other links in our English Literature Databank 

      3. Williams' definition of poetry as a machine made of words 

      4. The relationship between poetry and painting in Williams' early poetry 

      5. A brief note about Williams and Chinese poetry 
         (This is taken from a site called "PETALS ON A WET BLACK BOUGH: American Modernist Writers
          and the Orient")

      6. helpful annotations on some of Williams's poetry and short stories at New York Uni. Site 


online discussion

      1. Some brief student comments about Williams' poetry 

      2. Summary and brief commentary on the book  Modernism, Medicine, & William Carlos Williams
          by Hugh T. Crawford 


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