War and Literature: Some Examples of Related Issues
Hiroshima and
Japanese modernization
cold war
Vietnam—Vietnamese side
Vietnam—U.S. side
  • military imperialism
    1. Nazi –purification, 
    imperial system --
    Mishima (三島由紀夫) &  Oe (大江健三郎)
    Dr. Strange Love   American expansionism, cowboy, frontier spirit 
  • national boundaries and immigrants

  • p.o.w. in Slaughterhouse-V

    Displacements and fragmentation in Obasan exchange office in
    Dr. Strange Love
    《姓越名南》“Surname Viet, Last Name Nam” "The Wall, the House, the Sky"
  • symbols of patriotism and war

  • "Hi, Hitler"

    mushroom cloud, chrysanthemum     the Memorial, helicopter (chopper)
  • war and sex(heroism & emasculation)
  • "Patriotism"; 
    "The Day He Himself Wipes My Tears Away"
    "The Catch"
    Dr. Strangelove's arm
    "The Wall, the House, the Sky" Rambo, In Country
  • war –
  • its lust/love for killing & death

  • SV
    Roland Weary and his love for torture



        Stunt Man (Lucky's experience of killing Jerries and gooks alike)
    survival --
    --memory and ritual as ways of 




      "The Slope of Life"
    "Tony D"
  • literary/cultural representations of wars:
  • realism—SH-V description of the war
    symbolism and poetic language

    fairy tales/myth

    fantasy SH-V--Tralfamadore

    black comedy SH-V—So it goes.

    "Summer Flower"


    Dr. Strangelove
    dark comedy
    stories about Vietnam War  (minimalism) In Country

    "American Blues"

    Stuntman: metafilm with elaborate plot; film within the film: dark comedy