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Cultural Studies: Representation and Identity
Katherine Woodward's article
Lawrence Grossberg's  article

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Identity is relational (based on sameness and difference, depends on a classificatory system--W 29 - ), exclusive, marked by symbol (Woodward 9), maintained through social and material conditions (Woodward 12).

Identity as a process -- Derrida (S 2); discursive approach (S 2); psychoanalytic (S 3)
"I use 'identity' to refer to the meeting point, the point of suture, between on the one hand the discourses and practices which attempt to 'interpellate', speak to us or hail us into place as the social subjects of particular discourses, and on the other hand, the processes which produce subjectivities, which construct us as subjects which can be 'spoken'.  Identities are thus temporary attachment to the subject positions which discursive practices construct for us (S 6).