Roland Barthes'
"The Death of the Author"
Summary by Ann Yang
Roland Barthes.  "The Death of the Author." Image--Music--Text.  142-47.
Detailed outline

 I. the traditional role and position of the Author  Detailed outline
 1."human person"--the Author
 2.connection between the Author and his/her work
 II. The awareness of writing  Detailed outline
 1.Mallarme in France
 3.In the field of linguistic
 III.The exchange of roles--the Author and writing  Detailed outline
 1.The relationship between the Author and writing
 2.Barthes' idea about a text and the Author
 IV. The individuality of writing  Detailed outline author beneath the text
 2.liberation and multiplicity of writing
 V.The death of the Author  Detailed outline
 1.emphasis on the listener or reader rather than the Author
 2.destination of a text and the death of the Author