The Bicycle Thief (1948), or The Bicycle Thieves
by Vittorio De Sica

Related Film: Children of Heaven (Iranian); Salaam Bombay(Indian)

What are the means of production discussed there?

  Major Characters:
Antonio Ricci, the father
Bruno Ricci, the son
Maria Ricci, the mother
The Thief
-- The title in original Italian should be "Bicycle Thieves."  Why?    Is a Antonio too helpless and pathetic in the film?
-- How does family relationship get affected by poverty? 
-- How are social hierarchy and class differences presented?
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  Minor ones who represent different social groups or different social institutions:

  the search process: from the "right" places (police station and market), to more and more desperate ways of searching (including seeking help from the fortune-teller and stealing).

  major images: bicycles and their parts, crowded buses and the crowds on the street; the wooden ladder; the pawnshop with piles of pawned goods

  Background information:

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