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Gramsci on

Ideology and Hegemony

One must . . . distinguish between 
  1. "historically organi ideologies": "those, . . . Which are necessary to a given structure, and 
  2. ideologies that are arbitrary, rationalistic, or "willed."  (SPN 376-77)
Historically organic ideology  vs. arbitrary ideology
. . . They "organize" human masses, and create the terrain on which men move, acquire consciousness of their position, struggle, etc. they only create individual "movements", polemics and so on.  (377)

-- A synthesis of force and consent (Ransome 26)
-- Used as a concept of ideology, the term hegemony emerges as a way of describing the world-view which any social group must have if it is to gain power and hold on to it.  The development of coherent and legitimate world-view, in other words, becomes a prerequisite for successful revolution.  (R  128)
  • Organic --
  • the agents of hegemony are conscious and reflective human agents. 
  • A form of praxis. A process of conscious intellectual reflection and synthesis, which leads  
    • 1. to a greater understanding of material reality,  
      2. to the development of a new form of political strategy and action. (R 132-33)