Postmodern Theories and Texts 

Salman Rushdie

Midnight's Children as a Historiographical Metafiction

General Introductions
Postcolonial Issues: History, Woman and Postcolonial Identities
General Issues
Chap I 
Book I Book II
General Issues:
A. As a metafiction:
B. As a Historiographical Metafiction: Parody of National Myth + Magic Realism

Book I

Book II
Reality is a matter of perspective 197 -- his error p. 198; p. 265
Binaries --  Snake and Ladder (166 - 67; the episode of Mary - Musa 171-72); dialectics of center/margin: Washing Chest and then the gradual fall from the center in a series of mutilation (the first on p. 275 at school) --490  S "I have allowed his account too much space"
the rivalry between Saleem and Sinai=the age 515
Elements of Magic Realism: Female Characters:
Brass Monkey an ally p. 180;
Evie Burns 269 --
Monkey and Evie's fight -- blood;
=Jamila Singer
subject to the exaggeration and simplification of self  and right-and-wrong nationalism375

the magicians' ghetto 474-//the Communist movement in India 476
Picture Singh
 plot   time line
1915-1942 Mian Abudullah--1945 8/9 revelation and arrest p. 68
1946 6  Mumtaz(Amina)+ Ahmed
1947 8/15
1956  the Washing Chest Accident
1957  the Circus ring accident p. 223
 581 of the 1001 survive
1958  the Midnight Children's Conference
passive victim; understanding, with a sense of purpose--
smell anything that stinks--
oblivion--as a bhudha, a basketed ghost, a would-be-savious of the nation,
anger--calm, no longer want to be anything except what who I am.  ..I am the sum total of ...457
1975 6/25  the birth of Aadam Sinai
1976   420 in captivity
1977  1/18 ectomy