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I. general introduction

Kate Liu 9/20, '96
  1. nationalism的翻譯:國家主義、民族主義、新國家主義
  2. Why study nationalism?--
    relevant, contradictory, 

    an open field:
    -conomics, political science, sociology, history, geography, ethnicity, literature and literary theory, esp. post-colonial theories, cultural studies and feminism, etc.
    1. 後殖民國家是最後一批國家形成運動,承襲前期的形式(Anderson)。
    2. 「國家」是後殖民國家的重要議題。
    3. "high theories" 和國家文化皆重要。
  3. How do we study the post/colonial literary/cultural constructions of nation?
  4. 文學/文化的國家敘述
    ﹣﹣主題上直接呈現和/或批判國家歷史或國家體制(如國家起源、戰爭、警備總部、郵局; The Last of the Mohicans, Springsteen's "Born in the USA")

    ﹣﹣認同、呈現和/或批判意識型態、國家主體、國家文化 (如美式純真、「生命共同體」、日式櫻花精神、國家慶典、國家象徵; 羅大佑〈五十塊錢〉,Forrest Gump)
    ﹣﹣寓言式或形式上體現國家建構的中心議題(如統獨、疆域、地圖、語言、種族/家庭關係和歧視等等; A Handmaid's Tale, Midnight Children
    寫實主義 (B. Anderson)

    寓言 (F. Jameson)
    (歷史)後設小說(L. Hutcheon); habitable text (G. Spivak)
    "These habitable texts are often contained in the written text, but not contained by that writing. Gayatri Spivak has suggested that 'the text [in] the sense we use it, is not just books. It refers to the possibility that every socio-political, psycho-sexual phenomenon is organized by, woven by many, many strands that are discontinuous, that come from way off, that carry their histories within them, and that are not within our control. We are inserted in them. ...we have no alternative but to involve ourselves and mire ourselves in what we are calling the textuality of the socius. (Harney 3-4)
  5. 重要議題
nationalism v.s. 世界主義
1. Marxist tradition:
-- the national question

--three-world theories
--cultural imperialism

--internationalist Communism
--one-world lobalization of information;
--multinational capitalism
2. postcolonialism:
postcolonial nationalism --diasporic identity

國家主義(如何產生?與日常生活有關嗎?)、國家主義與種族主義 或殖民主義、國家的疆界(語言、文化、地理?可有可無?)、統獨問題、國家主體/歷史(如何建構?誰是他者?)、國家政策和性別