References to the opera made in the play, M Butterfly


1. "The Whole World Over"

I must say, in this country,
the houses and the contracts are elastic! 

The man of bus'ness profits by it. 

[invites Sharpless to be seated] 

Pinkerton [frankly]
The whole world over, on business and pleasure,
the Yankee travels
all danger scorning.
His anchor boldly he casts at random...
[breaking off to offer Sharpless a drink]
Milk-Punch, or Whisky?
His anchor boldly he casts at random,
until a sudden squall
upsets his ship, then up go sails and rigging.
And life is not worth living
if he can't win the best
and fairest of each country,... 


Viene la sera (``Love duet'') [Butterfly, Pinkerton: I] 

They say that in your country
If a butterfly
[with an expression of fear]
is caught by man,
He'll pierce its heart with a needle
[with anguish] And then leave it to perish! 

Pinkerton [taking her hands again gently, and smiling]
Some truth there is in that,
And can you tell me why?
That you may not escape.
[with ardour and embracing her affectionately]
See, I have caught you...
I hold you as you flutter.
Be mine. 

Butterfly [throwing herself into his arms]
Yes, yours forever. 

Come, then, come then...
[Butterfly draws back, as though ashamed of having been too bold]
Love, what fears hold you trembling.
Have done with all misgivings.
[points to the starlit sky]
The night doth enfold us!
See the world lies sleeping! 

Butterfly [looking at the sky, enraptured]
Ah! Night of rapture! 

Come then, come then. 

Stars unending!
/ Never have I seen such glory!
| Pinkerton
\ The night doth enfold us!
Ah! hasten, hasten!
The night enfold us!..
See the world lies sleeping! 
Night of rapture! Stars unending!
Hasten, hasten!
Never have I seen such glory!
Hasten, hasten!
Throbbing, sparkling, each star in heaven
Come, my dearest!
like a fiery eye is flashing. Oh!
/ Oh! how kindly are the heavens,
| Ev'ry star that shines afar!
| Is gazing on us,
| lighting our future for us...
| Pinkerton [with amorous desire]
| Cast all fear from out your heart!
| Close to my heart I hold you.
| You're mine now,
| Ah! come, come you are mine now
| Ah! come then, see the
\ whole world lies sleeping!..
Close to my heart I hold you,

Oh how kindly are the heavens
on us shining!
See the world lies sleeping.
/ Ah! come! ah, come then, dearest!
| Ah! come, ah! come then, be mine
| ah come!
| Butterfly
| see the stars!
| Ah, lovely night!
| Thy perfect calm is breathing love
\ near and far!