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Jean-Francois Lyotard:
The Postmodern Condition and the Postmodern Sublime
 (Excerpted E-Text of The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge)
General Argument, Background and Questions
The Postmodern Condition--
Important Quotes
The Postmodern Sublime
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 Jana Yi-wen Chien & Kate Liu

 Lyotard's General Arguments

 Background: Lyotard vs. Habermas & Jameson

Jameson from Forword, The Postmodern Condition

The Postmodern Condition-- Important Quotes
Lyotard, Francois. The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. Trans. Geoff Bennington, et al.
              Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1984.
I. Computerized Society

"Knowledge in the form of an informational commodity indispensable to productive power is already, and will continue to be, a major - perhaps the major - stake in the worldwide competition for power." (5)

2. Language Games & Performance (Note: "I am not claiming that the entirety of social relations is of this nature -- that will remain an open question." 15)

3. Narrative of the Legitimation of Knowledge -- e.g. narrative of emancipation, narrative of Enlightenment.

4. Legitimation by Paralogy  and Performance

¬ì¾Ç´¿¥H¯u²z¬°¥Ø¼Ð¡M¥HÃÒ¾Ú¨Ó¦õÃÒ´¶¦P¯u²z¡M¥Hconsensus ¬°«e´£¡C¬ì¾Ç¥u¯à¦³¤@ºØ»y¨¥¹CÀ¸¡M±Æ°£¨ä¥Lªº»y¨¥¹CÀ¸¡C(p. 23-25)

¦AªÌ¡M¥Ñ©ó¤j±Ô­z¦¡·L¡M¦UºØ±Ô­z©M¬ì§Þ¥X²{¡M¥ô¦ó»y¨¥¹CÀ¸³£¥H dissensus 
©Î paralogy ¬°¦Xªk­ì«h¡C§ó¶i¤@¨B»¡¡M¹q¸£¤Æ½èºÃ¤F¬ã¨s©M±Ð¾Çªº±R°ª©Ê¡C
±Ð¾Ç©M¬ã¨s¥Hªí²{¤O(performativity ©Î¬O§_¦³®Ä´£¥X¥i½æ¿úªº¸ê°T¡^¬°µûÂ_¼Ð·Ç¡C


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