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Studies of Space and City, 1999

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The Politics of Difference: Taiwan Perspectives 
( 6.Urban landscapes and the production of spatiality )
(call for paper)
University of Washington, Seattle APRIL 15, 1999  August 19-22, 1999
City as Text:
Urban Topographies and Critical Interventions 
(call for paper)
Dept of English Language & Literature, National U of Singapore not specified 8-10 September 1999
 LOCALITIES: Brock University's annual Two Days of Canada Conference (CALL FOR PAPERS)
Brock University 1 July 1999  3-4 November, 1999
第七屆英美文學研討會: 地方意識:從詩學到政治 
(call for paper)
英美文學學會、東海大學外國語文學系 1999/4/15 1999/12/4
 (call for paper)
東海大學社會學系 1999/4/30 1999/12/11-12
Journal's Call for paper
Assemblages, Space and Culture  (call for paper)
(Guest Editor) Suzan Ilcan,  Dept of Sociology & Anthropology 
U. of Windsor 
August 1, 1999