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The Flaneur
Rob Shields.  "Fancy footwork: Walter Benjamin's note on flanerie"

Using Benjamin's Konvolut on the flaneur, I would like to consider the inter-relationship between

  1. the flaneur or the strolling subject;
  2. writing as representation
  3. the late-19th-century centres of empire like Paris, and
  4. 'Mohicans' -- those non-European Others who appear to be the fascinating objects of the flaneur's writerly gaze.
I. Flaneurie: Definitions II. Flaneur (as a displaced native; 'Mohican de Paris') and Savage: III. Flaneur's Time and Space:
  • different from Blase
  • psychotic appropriation of time and space.  73
  • appropriation of defamiliarlized and exotic spectacles; to master the local, physical spaces; to master and even revel in the 'emporium.'
  • From appropriation to consumption
  • IV. Emporium and alienation

    Tester, Keith, ed.  The Flaneur.  NY: Routledge, 1994.