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Postmodern Theories on Space and Urban Design:

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Urban Studies and Spatial Theories
  • 城市論壇

  • Space and Culture: the journal (table of contents and abstracts, not the complete papers)

  • 城市與設計學報 Cities and Design: An Academic Journal for Intercity Networking
  • UB School of Architecture and Planning--  
    NASA Urban Growth Study--  
    College of Architecture + Urban Studies--    
    Postmodern Cities and Architecture
    City of Bits  

    Explore Historic Toronto (Toronto Historical Board) ; includes Articles on Toronto History 
    City of Toronto (City government) 

    To be sorted and annotated:   
    Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Toronto Chapter--  
    Canada - Toronto City Guide & Information--  
    CitySites Toronto--   


    To be sorted and annotated:   
    Join Talkway: Vancouver--  
    Vancouver B.C. - Canada For Visitors - Net Links--  
    Arts Vancouver--  
    Virtual Cities Directory--  
    Vancouver Pictures--  
    Vancouver-Jewel of the Pacific--  
    Vancouver Museum--  
    Vancouver Lesbian Week--  
    Morality Play about Victor and his follies in Vancouver--  
    Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Vancouver Online - Help! --  
    Vancouver Village--