Literary Criticism  Fall, 2000

Final Exam (2):

Multiple Choice

Essay questions
  1. The purpose of this test is to see 
    • whether you have done the readings; 
    • whether you understand the most important critical issues we have discussed; 
    • whether you remember how we applied the theories to some texts in class or know how to do it by yourselves. 
  2. To allow you time to think and review what you have read, you are allowed to read the textbook when answering the questions.   To avoid spending too much time online, I suggest that you print out the questions, answer them on paper, and then go back online to fill out your answers

  4. Remember to keep a hard copy of your answers. 
  5. Please answer the questions before 12:00 pm Jan. 6.   Correct answers are here.   Don't look at them if you have not submit your answers due to some unsolvable problems.  

  7. 請獨自作答.作答時可以看書,但不可與同學討論.

  9. 繳卷時,務必填上名字與學號.繳卷後,就不能再次繳卷.