Literary Criticism Databank
Update: August 22, 2003


Literary Criticism


Marxism 馬克斯主義
databank; 相關站台
Marxism introduction: Marx
1. From Marxism to Feminism
2. Marxism1: general introduction: the roles of money
3. Marxism1: example: "Rocking Horse Winner"

4. Marxism1: Social structure: 1; 2
5. Marxism1: example-- Bicycle Thieves
Marxism: Introduction & Topics (1) Class Relations, Capitalism and Commodification 2003/04/17

1. Gender to Soceity
2-4. Marxism: Introduction
5. Bicycle Thief

# Introduction: Class,Capitalism and Commodification
"Rocking Horse Winner"
Althusser & Eagleton--state formations & ideology
1. Marxism2: Literature and Society
2. Marxism2: ideology-video example and 尊師重道
3. Marxism2: Althusser in the tradition of Marxism
4. Marxism2: example-- "Chinago"

1. Marxism: ideology
2. "The Chinago"

Ideology: Altusser & Gramsci

Marxist Literary Theorist

Power, Knowledge, and Discourse

Discussion of Ideology (cont'd); application of the theories
聽課:1. Marxism3: Discussion of "The Blindman"
2. Marxism3: Discussion of "The Blind Man" (cont'd)
3. Marxism3: Marxist Literary Criticism: Some examples
4. Group Report: Love Songs (1)
5. Group Report: Love Songs (2)
Discourses of Love: 瓊瑤
Pattern, Ideology and Communication
聽課: 2003/05/22

1. Marxism: Literary Analysis
2. "The Blindman"
"The Blind Man"