Canadian Film and Literature Fall, 2001
Choose Three -- 36%

1). Identify the title of the texts from which the stills/excerpts are taken; 
2). Analyze the stills/excerpts closely;
3). Explain the significance of the stills/excerpts to the text.


"If he lies everybody will go on thinking he's a hero.  If he tells the truth they'll know he's just another doorknob trying to kill himself.  Maybe Ariel's spirit is challenging him to speak the truth. 
. .  .
He looks into her watery eyes hoping to find something to hang onto, but there's nothing there.  She's already gone.  . . . He sees bodies in the street all the time and tries not to look at them, tries to believe that they have nothing to do with him, that it's the world's fault.  The world let the teenagers cut out the blind man's tongue, let Connie become a drug addict, let Teresa's father rape her.  The world took away Milton's job and his wife.  He stares menacingly into the camera at the world, but all he sees is himself huddled on his couch in his plaid shirt and dirty jeans.


(The last one is not in the same shot sequence.)



    All of them [Roz's ancestor] came steerage, of course.   Whereas Mitch's ancestors, although not created by God from the sacred mud of Toronto--they had to have got here somehow--must have come cabin.  Which means they threw up into a china basin instead of onto other people's feet, on the way across. 
    Big deal, but Roz is intimidated anyway.  She opens the mermaid-festooned menu, and reads the items, and asks Mitch to advise her, . . . Roz, she tells herself.  You are a suck. . . .  . 

8. (The first one is not in the same shot sequence.)

"Nicholas Temelcoff is famous on the bridge, a daredevil.  .  . .Even in archive photographs it is difficult to find him.  Again and again you see vista before you and the eye must search along the wall of sky to the speck of burned paper across the valley that is him, an exclamation mark, somewhere in the distance between bridge and river.  He floats at the three hinges of the crescent-shaped steel arches.  These knit the bridge together.  The moment of cubism."