Contemporary Canadian Film and Literature (Fall, 1999)
ID and Interpretation Question
Question 1-10: films stills

Questions 11-15:  literary excerpts.
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 A. Please match question number correctly with your answers.
B. Choose 5 to
1. identify the title, author/film director (2 points)
2. give a one-paragraph interpretation of the techiniques and significance of the excerpts/clips (6 points).   Do not summarize the plot.  Extra two pointswill be give to each of the rest of the texts you identify and interpret in 2-3 sentences.  Please mark EXTRA to those answers!

Question 1 (full size)

    Question 2 (full size)

Question 3 (full size)

Question 4 (full size)

Question 5 (full size)-- Do a close analysis of the secondframe.

Question 6 (full size)

"I never told her I was leaving." 

Question 7 (full size)

Question 8 (full size)

Question 9 (full size) -- choose two of the following four stills
Question 10 (full size)