Cultural References in "Who Are We?"

1974, 9 min 57 sec
Who are we?  Who are we, Canadians?  . .  .
We got a great big country; it goes from here to there.   With mountains, lakes and virgin forest, and people everywhere. 
1. dialogue between a Inuit couple from the igloo, talking about their shopping list.  --pragmatic and resourceful. 
2. The aborigines and the American and the French colonization.   --
[beavers caught for fur trade, maple leaves on the moose, timber.  English and French settlers clashing frequently over fur-trading operations, and First Nations people losing their lands.  The Seven Years' War, which ends with Paris Treaty and France's giving its empire over the Anglo-American.  ]
Dual/Multiple identity -
1. We have two tongues officially, English and Francais
2. We have a queen.  But she lives far away. 
3. One father from Scotland, one from Spain, one from France. . . 
Geography and Climate and adaptations
1. The prairie area, farming and its big flies; sea of cod
2. The CPR --through a lot of mountains and fall into the sea.
3. The history books all said we tough, but we are patient too.  The winter here is long enough; you have to sit them through.  [out house and thick snow.] 
4. And we are clever; we can cope.  We don't despair and give up hope; instead, we play with snow. [hockey]
5. And also live underground; we don't catch cold that way.  We travel, shop and stroll around and never see the day. 
Just look at all the things we are.  Is there a real soul, a mixture, blend or a potpourri?  Maybe a salad bowl?
Our culture is still too young to gel, so why not steal a few?
Canadian culture 
Now adapting is what we do well.  Maybe there is a clue. 
1. Barber of Toronto  [Բzvv]
2. The Red Mukluks (a sealskin or reindeer-skin boot worn by Inuits.  )
3. The Dance of Maple Syrup Fairy 
4. Frezzing Beauty [Sleeping Beauty]
5. Swan Rink [Swan Lake]
6. Snow White and the Group of Seven
7. RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountie Police) dancing many dances