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December Topics: Topic I --  Topic II --  Topic III --  Topic IV
  Topic 1
1. Internet Dating-- Fun?  Risky?  How to avoid risks?  Tell us the stories you know! 
    Campus Security-- dangerous places?  security measures? More about the topics . . . 
Topic 2
2. National IC Card--IC card instead of ID card?  Convenient or violating our privacy rights? 
Cellular Phone-- Fancy?  Convenient?  Dangerous? More about the topics . . . 
Topic 3
3. Taiwan's "Three-in-One" Election Campaign Culture-- Costume Show, Saliva, Stunts; or Reason, Ideal and Cleanliness?   More about the topic . . . 
Topic IV: Do you have any suggestions about this discussion area?    
                  What topics do you want to discuss?