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It is no denying that Shr-Lin is the place that I am familiar with most. It is because that I have lived in Shr-Lin since
I was born. Many people may hear about Shr-Lin about its night market. That's right! I think that night market really
has become the most popular and famous section in Shr-Lin. I do not know if that is my preference but I really think
that Shr-Lin night market is my favorite and the one that contains more various things through all the night markets
that I have gone to.
As a result, Shr-Lin becomes one of my favorite places in Taipei. I like Taipei actually though it is a little noisy and
the traffic is a mess. However, as far as I am concerned, I think Taipei is more convenient when I am trying to buy
things I need. Moreover, the information of fashion and many other things transfers faster, too. So I think that Taipei
is not so bad when compared to other cities in Taiwan.
But there is still one thing that I really mind; that is... I think the house is too expensive in Taipei. The fact makes
me feel worrying about my future.

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