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The question about the fact whether the U.S. President Clinton should be impeached or not becomes a very
controversial issue in the U.S or around the globe. A federal grand jury now tries hard to compile the credibility of
the evidence for possible impeachment in the aftermath of Bill Clinton's confession.
This great event has involved in the ideas of morality. Morality has played a profound role in human beings' life.
When people judge something or someone, they are constantly influenced by the idea of value "morality" which is
deeply rooted in people's thought. And I thought that the society could be in disorder with the lack of morality or
the decline of morality.
Accordingly, as far as the current phenomena of the society is concerned, young people or modern people seldom
emphasize the importance of morality. Therefore, various abnormal relationships appear gradually and the open
ideas about the sex prevail violently. As a consequence, how would our society be like in the future? Does morality
count? The answer ought to be "yes." We also would not like to let our children to expose this complicated and
immoral world. That is why we can not overemphasize the importance of morality in our society.
Although Bill Clinton's scandal has nothing to do with his working ability and contributions to the country,
The president of Nation whose image should set a good example for his people or even people in the world. Furthermore,
Not only the Presidents or government officials but also people themselves should be responsible for how to rectify
the ethic climate in our daily life.

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