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I guess nobody would dare to say that morality does not count. But to play the devil's advocate, I want to ask, What is
morality? Are white lies immoral? Is adultery always immoral? Killing a person IS immoral for me, but then how about
during the war, or when one is in some situations beyond one's control?

On the other hand, looking at how media or the "entertainment business" (here I am including food and leisure business)
have responded to the Clinton event, one has to laugh. Of course, there have been serious discussions of the scandal in
both cultural spheres, but then what's popular seems to be how much fun people can get out of it. Looking back at the
q event, too, you wonder how much truth is it any allegations, and whether people envy him or -- here I am a bit
sympathetic -- whether PɱF has lost her sense of justice.


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