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Does morality count? The answer for most people I think is undoubtedly "Yes." Since we were young, we had been taught that morality and even ethics are important in our culture. Morality provides human beings with a guide to follow, behaves ourselves and prevents us from going atray. Whenever we are aware of moral sense, we are able to distinguish right from wrong. For we Chinese, our ancestors set up a fine line between so called right and worng things. At least, we are able to have a sense and concept to tell them breifly. However, it is hard for us to tell everything extremely correct. How can we deal with everything happened and get along with everyone in our daily life without having preconcept and prejudice. Morality contains some ambigous situations because different people have different points of view and standrads towards different conditions. For example, when we knew a little boy stole money , no one would say that his behavior was right. Let's change the situation a little bit. How about that he stole money for his sick mother to cure her, not serve on his purpose? This time, I think we will not give our comments immediately and then different opinions appear!
In addition, we tend to be kind to ourselves. We leave more space to make excuses and allow ourselves to make mistakes and whereas, we are strict and critical to others. Of course, it is not fair but this kind of situation does happen. We set up different standrads towards our familiar friends, families and strangers. Everyone is not 100% perfect persons and makes mistakes all the time. Morality does count for sure but it is more important for people to have conceptional sense in different situations. Moreover, I think that it is more important for a person to recognize his fault and try to improve himself. This kind courage count more!

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