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Midnight Hours
Among all the times in a day, I like midnight most. Not only because its quiet, but it has a special atmosphere.
At midnight, I always feel sober and calm. Now the winter is coming, and it・s getting colder and colder. I enjoy reading a few books with a cup of hot tea at midnight. Sometimes I・m so concentrated on my reading that time seems to stand still. How slowly it flies! Sometimes I just look outside the window, observing the dark sky, smelling the natural fragrance from wet grass and flowers. I feel comfortable and safe. It・s like all nature---the sky, the plants, the air, are accompanying me. We are all sleepless at such a wonderful moment.
I used to stay up late every day and didn・t know exactly why. Usually around ten to eleven o・clock is the most difficult time to overcome the idea of sleeping. But as long as you get over it, you may be up all night. I struggled through many torturing hours to the sweet midnight and found it was worthwhile. I thought about lots of things and asked myself questions. I understood myself more. It・s only at midnight that I can be totally alone and think. I・m very glad that I spent so many midnight hours in high school. This helped me not to get lost in my early teens and developed my sensitive personality, which is the best quality I think I have.
I love midnight for it brings me a peaceful mind and delightful mood. I would like to think that I・m the master at midnight. Midnight hours only belong to me and I・m also the captive of midnight.

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