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Posted on Wed Oct 14 12:05:10 1998
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Actually, I am not quite familiar with Taipei because I am a overseas student, so there is a limitation for me to know more about Taipei. I like the place of K very very much. Since I was a kid, I loved oceans and beatches because in my opinion, I think oceans can give me some answers about how to be a good person and also teach me how can become a person with wide mind. IN addition, oceans can make me feel comforable and without any trouble, also, I can swin freely wherever I want to go. I also think oceans give me much freedom and hope to live in the world That's why I loved oceans very much. In Taip, I can say K is my favorite place because the ocean is very beautiful when the sunset comes. I always go there when I feel unhappy or something happened to me. In addtion, the beache is also very beauitiful. I really like lay down on the beatch and think about lots of questions That's my interesting and hopeful for me to live in Taipei. Frankly speaking, I am not used live in Taiwan because there are lots of differences from Korea. For example, the weather, the food , the traffic, and etc...I really can't accept the pollution. It's very terrible. However, maybe this year is my last year to live in Taipei, so I will try my best to live in Taipei well.

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