Subject Taipei, Taipei
Posted by Eric
Posted on Thu Oct 22 12:00:04 1998
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Until now, I have been in Taipei for a year or more. Actually speaking, I love the city very much and I am
accustomed to its living style little by little. Usually, I will think I have been a part of it. I enjoy everything
it provides me, convenience, entertainment, new and fashion things and colorful life. However, I feel a little
contradictory to live in Taipei, too. I love its conveniencen but I don't like the terrible traffic and the waste gas.
I like the entertainment places or facilities it gives me but I don't have too much money to enjoy them. I like
the city but I don't love rainy days. I love people but I don't like their coolness. I love... but...
This is Taipei, an interesting city but a boring city, too.

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