Subject I can't live in other places
Posted by Annie
Posted on Sun Oct 25 18:10:26 1998
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Taipei is a great place and I can't find another place that is as convenient as it. To me since comics and Japanese
animation are extremely important, so i find 萬年in the west area interesting. You can find a lot of posters, photos
animation CDs, videos, magazines that are related to Japanese anime. Other than these, you can also find lots of model
kits there, my favorites are the Gundam series.
Besides the business areas in Taipei, you could also visit the northern part of the city which is where I live--the National
Palace Museum. Just recently the museum has a special exhibition on 張大千and Picasso. This is really a great
chance for us to appreciate the works of the two significant artists of the 20th century at the same time. To get to the museum
first you will have to take the buses from school that takes you to 中華路 (if you live near our school) then take bus
304 which will take you straight to the museum.

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