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Posted by Sindy Huang
Posted on Fri Oct 30 18:37:49 1998
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Hi Adrian,
I am shocked when Mrs. Kate announced that you are not able to come to class today because of your illness
again. Which hospital are you in now? Are you alright now? Maybe the assignments are too heavy for you
and I remember that last year my instructor is very nice and I think I never have funny class in freshman and
junior year. I hope you will soon recover and back to class and join us soon. Actually I am disappointed
when I came to study in Taiwan in the first year because the weather is bad, the food is too oily or deep fried
and the terrible of all is the traffic, it is too massive. Yes, the best place to visit is Shimenting and second is
SEA. Sea can aid you to escape those unpleasant things happened in our rountine life and relax from the pressure of troublesome assignments in school.
@-->->------- A rose for you and you are healthy again!

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