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Posted by Jack
Posted on Fri Oct 30 22:45:01 1998
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When I was a freshman in Fu Jen, I was very excited at going to Yangmingshan on the weekends. At that time, I was one of those poor little aboriginals and was taken care by my senior school brothers and sistters.
When I was a sophomore, I became one of the managers and began to take the responsibility to take care of the newcomers. At this time, mountain-climbing was not that simple, for we are supposed to teach the little aboriginals correct concept and skills. However, it was still exciting for me, because whenever we went to Yangmingshan, it would be another challenge.
Now I am a junior, I always feel nervous to go to Yangmingshan. I am not supposed to teach the newcomers but those old aboriginals now. Besides, I have to take the whole responsibility of the security of each of the joiners. Mountain-climbing is no longer simply an exercise for me.
To me, Yangmingshan has a unchangable meaning. It is the place where I began to get close to Nature, and it's also the place I practiced my mountain-climbing skills. Above all, it is the place where I started to take a tremendous responsibility and to learn practical leadership. I believe that ten years later, maybe I have become a father of five children or maybe I have becom a successful somebody, I will still remember this place and want to come visiting her once in a while.

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