Subject Best Bookstore- Eslite
Posted by Maggie Pan
Posted on Tue Dec 1 09:37:22 1998
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Since I was still a senior student, I have been attracted by the special design, the broad room, the great smell of coffee and the choice of various types of books of eslite.
Do you believe that I can spend whole day there and every time when I am in a bad mood I feel better when I stay there. Some of my friens think that books in eslite are more expensive and seldom on sale, however,I don't think that is a big problem for me since eslite means not only a bookstore for me but a place where I can rest and relax my mind. Besides, eslite hold many activities such as speech, concert, movie-play and etc. Though I seldom participate in its activities I am always deeply attracted by the delicate and creative posters of it. Since eslite is a chain-bookstore and each one has its own style, I make a wish that I can go to each of it and enjoy its elegant atmosphere during my college life!

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