Subject My feeling about Taipei
Posted by Dana
Posted on Tue Dec 8 22:09:02 1998
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I came from Chai-yi, a small city. Actually, I still don't know Taipei very well. I've just come here for 3 months. It's not long enough to let me understand this city of every kind of possibility.
To most people, Taipei is a prosperous and exciting city. I agree with this viewpoint, too. But sometimes Taipei makes me feel lonely. The traffic, the buildings, even the crowded people all make me feel very lonely. My most familiar part of Taipei is where near the Taipei Trainstation. I think that's the most prosperous section, and the most crowded one. Although it makes me feel a bit lonely and sometimes homesick, I like to go there. Once in a while I will sit in the cafe near the Taipei Trainstation and watch those passengers through the window. I enjoy observing and thinking.Sometimes being lonely is not that bad after all.
Compared with Chai-yi, Taipei is "huge". It's always crowded with cars and buildings and people, which is very different from Chai-yi. The traffic jam impresses me, too. But here getting information is more convenient than in Chai-yi. For example, you can get a foreign-language-written book easily in bookstores. In my hometown we don't even have so many bookstores! Also, the mass transportation is convenient. You can almost go anywhere you want by bus.
Although I haven't visited all the places in Taipei, I think it's a city full of surprising. It seems that you can always discover something new here. Till now I'm still kind of like a "passenger" in this big city; perhaps four years later I will get the home-like feeling about Taipei.

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