Subject My Impression of Taipei
Posted by Carol
Posted on Wed Dec 16 00:07:04 1998
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My hometown is Taichung, so Taipei for me is a brand new place. Before studying here, I imagined that Taipei should be an advanced, high-level, and competitive city. Just as I expected, it's really an international capital. Everyone lives in a fast pace and I can experience different cultures of foreign countries. I think Taipei offers much more information about politics, economics, and international views.
However, there is something I don't like in Taipei. I am not used to the "changing" weather and the "colder" attitude of people here. I quite miss the mild weather and kind people in Taichung. Also, I hate the air pollution and messy traffic. Anyway, I must try to get used to it. After all, I'll study here at least four years!

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