Subject My Impression of Taipei
Posted by Janet
Posted on Mon Jan 18 22:14:18 1999
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I am a student who come from the southern part of Taiwan. In my hometown, there isn't much scenery we can visit and many places we can go out to play with friends. When the first time I came to Taipei. The beautiful scenery attracts me a lot, and there are many places we can go in Taipei. I have never felt bored since I came here. And the place I like to go most is Yangmingshan. the night scenery there is beautiful. You can see the whole Taipei night scenery there, so I often go there with my senior classmates at night. As the weather there is much colder than plain. I don't often go there now. To sum up, Yangmingshan sure does give me a lot sweet memory while I am in Tapei.

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