Subject East area--fascinating
Posted by Kate
Posted on Wed Oct 7 22:53:16 1998
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Hi, Steve,

Ya, I like the East Area, too, not just Hsin-Yi Rd. Walking around in that area is fun, or "must be" fun since I don't have that much time to do it--being married and with a kid.
Still, my family and I go to some of the stores there very often; like Eslite. Also, in the alleys you can just find numerous boutiques and interesting stores. We once found a store that sells ice cream, Italian red wine and ice cream made of red wine.
Warner Brother Studio is, for me, very American for me--a bit like a miniaturized American mall-- and a bit too noisy. Still my daughter likes to run around in it.

If you like the buildings there, you must be interested in postmodern buildings.


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