Subject I Like Yangmingshan!!
Posted by Vicky
Posted on Thu Oct 8 23:49:03 1998
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Yangmingshan is one of my favorate places I like to visit when i have free time. I, like most people, have gone there for many times, but I still feel it worth visiting.
Maybe it is one of the reason that I am an idiot of recognizing roads; whenever I go to Yangmingshan, I feel the scenery is different from the last time I go there.If you go there in the daytime, you can feel the fresh of the air and enjoy the entire green (by the way, green is my favorate color); in the night, you can appreciate the lights in the city. It is a good way to release our pressures and get out of our work. in addition to the nature scenery, you might find some interesting and special restaurants in the mountauns. Although some are expensive, i feel satisfied when I watch from the outside or even its sign. If you don't want to eat there, I think Shr-Lin night market Olivia introduces is another good choice. it is not far from Yangmingshan and you can eat many kinds of Taiwan delicious desserts there.
Why not going to Yangmingshan again some day? Maybe you will have a new feeling about it, and maybe we will meet there....

 Re: I Like Yangmingshan!! Karen Tue Oct 13 03:08:00 1998
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